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info about Festival of Nepal

It is said that there are more festivals in Nepal than the number of days in the year. Most Nepali festivals are celebrated in homes and there is often little to see or photograph.

Festivals are scheduled in accordance with the Nepali calendar and the phases of the moon, so they can vary over a period of almost a month with respect to the Gregorian (western) calendar, Nepali months overlap Western months. The annual festival cycle, according to the Nepali year, is as follows:
Between January to June Between July to December
Maghi Nag Panchami
Sonam Losar Janai Purnima
Shree Panchami Gaai Jatra
Maha Shiva Ratri Krishna Janmastami
Fagu Purnima Father's Day
Ghode Jatra Teej
Chaite Dashain Gaura Parba
Ram Nawami Indra Jatra
Nepali New Year & Bisket Jatra Dashain
Buddha Purnima & Ubhauli Tihar
Mother's Day Chhath
Bhoto Jatra Udhauli
  Tamu Lochhar