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Trekking is the gift of Nepal to the world in adventure tourism. Trekking means to set off from the rest of the world to explore wonder of the trekker's paradise. Walking through the tropical lowlands to alpine meadows & glacial moraines, trekkers will have to confront connecting scenic hamlets and mountain villags; get indeed an overwhelming experience to come in contact with rural citizens whose lifestyle hasnot changed in generations in the village & experience their lifestyle, warm traditional hospitality & friendship. Trekking in Nepal is as m-uch a unique cultural experience as well as an ultimate Himalayan adventure.

Trekker has to consider that the Himalayas begin where other mountains finish and trekking is not mountaineering. Generally, trekking consists of in the midd-le hills region at elevations between 1000 metres to 3000 metres but the trek to Everest base camp will reach 5545m. Since trekking is just a day walk tour, you neither any advance training nor have to be athlete. To trek anyone with a pair of strength legs, the sprit for adventure to explore the exotic, good and healthy mentality will enjoy the thrill of trekking the hills of the Himalayan landlocked.


Different Groups / Region for Trekking :

Everest Region

Annapurna Region

Langtang & Helambu Region

Upper Mustang

Lodge Treks in Other Region

Some Camping Treks

Short Treks


Price for the Trip :

The cost for the trek or tour will depend on several different factors. The type of accommodation you choose in Kathmandu and/or another destination will make a difference to the overall costing (budget to 5 star accommodation). The mode of transportation you prefer is the another factor which affects the cost of your package, for example prices change significantly between flight versus private car/van, tourist/local bus. The number of guides and/or porters required will also affect the total cost of your trek. From above reason the same trek/tour can vary in price quite substantially